☆ TRANS – QingDao News (15/10/2012)

Newspaper: Qingdao News
Issue: 15/10/2012


My Senior Is a Super Idol

QingDao News 2012.10.15 Monday

One of the members from the hottest idol group EXO-M is actually ‘made in QingDao’ which the past school life of our super idol senior will be revealed from QingDao News reporter! 

Among QingDao schools or forums among members on RenRen web discussion group from QingDao, a photo album was being shared and liked by fans which was entitled <A Student from QingDao No.47 Middle School Had Debuted In Korea>, and the main character of this album is none other than Huang Zi Tao — One of the members of Korea most popular idol group EXO-M, also keywords such as ‘QingDao, No. 47 Middle School, Korean group’ had become popular keyword search on the internet.

Our reported flipped the box over, and discovered that he already looked like a star in the photo for the process of transferring from primary school to junior high.

In the newest season of Chinese-Korea idols popularity chart, the newly debuted EXO had surpassed popular senior groups like Super Junior, Big Bang and more, and was being recognized as Korea’s first idol group. Observant fans too found out that one of the members of the idol group is ‘made in QingDao’! Through this popularity of the idol and also from the internet, fans revealed that ‘Huang Zi Tao who was made in QingDao, was graduated from QingDao No. 47 Middle School’, and QingDao news who was also from No.47 Middle School too received the news, and visited the teachers and seniors at school, to find out the past school life of superstar senior.


“Superstar is just right by my side!”

“From what I remember, Huang Zi Tao is very cheerful and active, not only he is very lively in class participation, but for school’s activities he too joined all the time, and he had also performed WuShu very frequently, very amazing, very handsome!” A classmate of Huang Zi Tao had left a comment on the photo album on RenRen website reminiscing the past, the group EXO that Huang Zi Tao is in is popular among two countries which are China and Korea, he follows the footsteps of HanGeng of getting famous by debuting in other country. A lot of fans who shared the album think that ‘Wow this is so amazing, there’s a superstar around me!’ And some fangirls had commented that ‘I’ve already been thinking that he was especially handsome during schooldays, very sunny, and now he really became a star. I feel so happy just by thinking that I was once his classmate!’

The strong popularity of the idol and the function of sharing on RenRen website had made this a really popular topic through the sharing of the album, and being shared widely by local internet users made the idol getting closer to his hometown. From what the reporter had investigated, Huang Zi Tao is a student of year 2005 of QingDao No.47 Middle School, then after all the professional training and hard practices he was being picked through an audition, joining Korea SM Entertainment in 2011, after a period of time of professional training, and then officially debuted as a member of EXO in 2012.


Idol Senior Was Once a Shy Boy

“As a student of No. 47 Middle School, I’ve heard about a shy and introvert boy a few years ago from my music teacher that he could sing very good, but he gets shy very easily, my teacher could even remember that moment when he showcased his musical talents for the first time, he had attracted the teacher’s attention, teacher said that he loves music a lot.” A source from No.47 Middle School stated while the reporter is getting information about idol senior’s school life, the first time seeing TAO on television (which is the stage name for Huang Zi Tao in the group) performing with EXO-M, he was just shining brightly, and he couldn’t be related with the ‘shy boy’ that the music teacher had described. Until one day when the source was surfing their school’s forum and accidentally discovered that the shy boy from his music teacher was actually EXO-M TAO who was being teased as ‘Peacock Gege(older brother)’ by the hosts of Happy Camp.

According to a teacher in No.47 Middle School, Huang Zi Tao in the beginning was really shy, but through participating and performing his talents and skills in the school’s mini music concert every semesters, he was once quite popular among all schoolmates. The teacher too encouraged him to take on that related path, and he too found his direction of self-development through singing, also he is skilled in WuShu. The headmaster of No.47 Middle School Mr Wei Tie Ying thinks that Huang Zi Tao is a student with his own thoughts, when he had encountered any problems in school, he would state his points of view and also his standpoint to the headmaster.


Jay Chou Is The Idol of Our Idol

“He is not perfect, but he is real; He is not mature, but he is sincere. Maybe you love the one that is actually shining on the stage, but I think that this honesty is more precious. Him, who had already being recognized, I hope that you could believe in his skills too. Huang Zi Tao, do well!” Being shared in the school’s Weibo group, QQ statuses of fangirls, or maybe forums members of the TianYa forums, praises such as this for the idol are everywhere, even internet users and people offline and offline would still passionately praising him through interactions on Twitter.

An internet user stated that recently he just found out that his own dance instructor, Ye Zi was also once Huang Zi Tao’s dance instructor, as a diehard fan of Huang Zi Tao of course she wouldn’t give up the chance to get to know more about the idol’s acts when he was younger. She had told the reporter the scene description of Ye Zi first meeting with Huang Zi Tao: When the door was opened, he gave out a high spirit vibe, very sunny.  He was quite tall, very handsome, with double eyelids and big eyes, small face structure and his hairstyle was very stylish too, anyhow he looked very impressive. Through the interactions fans from schools and also internet users, his hobbies are varied: Singing, dancing, playing basketball, photography, WuShu and more. “But actually what he loves doing the most would be WuShu and playing the guitar.” Ye Zi stated, “He was always quiet during break time, he doesn’t really talk much, and always plays his guitar by the window alone.” Huang Zi Tao the idol has a lot of idols too: Jay Chou, Lee Hom, Jason Zhang, Jackie Chen, MC Hotdong, Coby, Shawn Carter, Wu Yi Fan (Wu Fan)….. But among all these childhood friends, Huang Zi Tao had always been a boy who has dreams and ideas, even though how tough it would be to achieve his dreams he would still fight for it willingly.


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